Wazifa for Love Between Sibling’s - Bhai Behen ke Pyar Ka Wazifa -Wazifa for Brothers & Sisters
Wazifa for Love Between Sibling’s – Bhai Behen ke Pyar Ka Wazifa -Wazifa for Brothers & Sisters
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Love is a beautiful emotion, absolutely free from all types of evil thoughts. It grows with time and brings two people really close. Siblings or bhai behan is one of most purest and beautiful creation of the greatest of all – Allah Talaah.

Relationship Between Bhai Behan

Almost, every one of us know how important the relationship between bhai behan can be. The love between siblings lasts forever. Siblings are someone with whom we fight, we play, and we share our secrets. Whatever family problems trouble you, it equally troubles them too, because you are from same family & you share the same blood, thus, it is easier to know and understand each other. Siblings or bhai behan support each other, at times when either of them need them, when they are absolutely lonely and depressed.

Wazifa for Love Between Siblings


Wazifa for Love Between Siblings

Thus,everyone who has a sibling or a bhai or behan, truly knows his or her importance. This is why the wazifa for love between siblings is so popular. To secure and protect such a beautiful relationship, you need to practice wazifa for love between siblings. The amal and wazifa for love between siblings will protect the relation of bhai – bhai, bhai behan, or behan- behan from the evil eyes of shaitan. This wazifa will protect your relations from buri nazar.


Many times, you feel that your bhai or behan (sibling) is getting detached with you. He or she is not spending time with you as much as they use to do. In such situations, you can read the bhai behen ke pyar ka wazifa for brothers & sisters. The wazifa will rejuvenate the lost love between brothers and sisters, (siblings) and also increase it, tremendously. If your sibling is the most important person of your life and you are missing his or her love and attention, so then start reciting the dua for love between siblings, in order to improve the bond, you share with him or her.

Bhai Behen Ke Pyar Ka Wazifa

Bhai Behen Ke Pyar Ka Wazifa

Both, brothers and sisters can practice the bhai behen ke pyar ka wazifa for brothers’s sisters. But, it is important to meet an astrologer first in order to know the correct wazifa for love between the siblings. Do not try something on your own; it’s better to talk about it first from our learned Islamic munjam, instead of making mistakes and wasting your time and money over it.

Dua for love between bhai, behan (siblings) –

Bis Millah Hir Rahman Nir Raheem

Recite 11 times – “Astagh firul laahi wa ‘atu bu e-layh”

Recite seven time -‘La Ilaaha Illal laALLAH Mu’hammad-ur Rasul ALLAH Sall ALLAHu `Alyhe Wa Sall lam’;

Then, recite 3 times – Durood Shareef – ALLAH hum maa  Salli ’Alaa Mu’hammad…!

After this think about your sibling and pray for their love and care for you. Parents can even do this wazifa for love between sibling and bhai – behan (on behalf of their kids).

If this wazifa doesn’t helps you in next 7 days, please immediately call us or try to leave an email, so that we can find a rohani ilaj as per your current situation.


NOTE:- 1)  Ye amal tab hi asar dikhayega jab aap ese tarike se karoge

Qurani ayaat aur wazifa/dua -e- istikhara, amal or amliyat ko durust makharij ke saath arabi qawaneen ke mutabik padha jaye.

ALLAH tala par mukammal yaqeen aur bharose ke saath or sahi wakt per kiya jaye

Jinhe Quran/duayein sahi makharij se padhni nahi aati wo kisi molvi/muallima se hidayat lein. Ya fir Online Quran Nazara Tarjuma ke liye Contact Kre – Hazrat Muhammad Ali   +91-9779086755 WhatsApp on

NOTE:- 2) Is wazifa/dua ko kaise or konse time kre Janne Ke liye wo humse rabta karein.

NOTE:- 3) Is amal ko karne ke bawjud bhi kamyabi hasil nahi horahi ho toh humse rabta karein. Agar masle ka hal ke liye Taweez/naqsh lena chahen toh wo bhi mil jayega
Insha ALLAH A’zzawajal Wazifa/Dua ke zariye se aap ki sabhi mushkile jald hal hojayengi.

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