Powerful Wazifa And Amal To Defeat Your Enemy
Powerful Wazifa And Amal To Defeat Your Enemy
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Powerful Wazifa To Defeat Your Enemy

Who doesn’t want to defeat their enemy and give them a big blow? Well, everyone tries their best to rule out their enemies in order to live an easy and happy life. But, most of the time, your enemy isn’t so easy to  defeat. So, what will you do when your enemy overpowers you every time and doesn’t let you get a single chance to win. What if he fails you in your every attempt of business or relationships? Well, you should recite the powerful wazifa to defeat your enemy. The wazifa is your one stop solution to get rid of your enemy and make him lose in every battle of life.

If your enemy is your business rival and he overpowers you in the different business proposals and doesn’t let gain a single of it, then you should instantly get help for it. It may be possible that he may have done bandish or black magic on you and your business. When you recite the dua to defeat your enemy, your enemy will get automatically defeated by you. You will not have to do anything. All his attempts to lower you down will fail and there will be nothing that he could do to lower you down.

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Amal And Wazifa To Defeat Your Enemy

At times, your enemy tries to put you down in front of people by talking ill of you, speaking bad things about you. If your enemy is talking poor things about you and spreading rumors which are not even right, then you should perform the amal to defeat your enemy. The amal will make your stronger than your enemy and you shall have the power to overthrow them. It will demotivate your enemy from standing in front of you and he will never have the courage to face you again.

Amal And Wazifa To Defeat Your Enemy

In order to get this wazifa to defeat the enemy, it is very important that you seek help of an astrologer. The astrologer will help you get the right wazifa for your matter. He will provide you with complete guidance over your matter and render instant and best possible solution. You shouldn’t hide anything from him as it will help him in providing the right help to you. Do not worry, all your details will be kept private and discreet. Just have faith in the amal and perform it as directed by the specialist. Insha Allah, you will get instant results.

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The wazifa to defeat your enemy is provided below

You should perform this wazifa when your enemy is pressurizing your with different situations. The wazifa will put your enemy in pathetic situations and will defeat him in his own game.

You can begin the wazifa on any day. Make fresh ablution. While offering the Fajr namaz, recite Surah Alam Nashrah in the first rakat after Surah Fatiha and in the second rakat add Surah Fil after Surah Fatiha. Think about your enemy all this while. Once you’re done with the namaz pray to Allah (Swt) and curse your enemy. Pray for his defeat. Perform this wazifa till you start seeing results.

"Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh" (May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you)!

NOTE:- 1)    The above given wazifa can only work under following circumstances – You need to perform the Amal and wazifa will belief on the greatest – Allah Subhan Wa Taalah. The verses, wazaif and duas mentioned in Quran Shareef are recited with the authentic pronunciations. You must fulfill all the Arabic rules of reading the Islamic scriptures. Note - If you can’t read the given Quranic ayats with correct pronunciation, then it’s best to learn it first from us and then use it. We are here to help you, kindly share your needs with us!

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NOTE:- 2)    Upar diya gaya wazifa sirf niche di gayi surton mein hi mukammal hoga – Apko batayein gayein amal aur wazifa ko nafadh karne ke liye Allah Subhan Waa Taalah pe mukammal aitbaar hona chahiye. Ayatein, wazaif aur duayein jo ki Quran mein di gayi hai unko sih alnataq ke sath padhna zaruri hai. Apko alkitab al'iislamii ko padhne kesare Arabi qawaneen mukammal karna zaruri hai.

NOTE:- 3)    Agar Aap Quran ki ayatein sih alnataq ke sath nahi padh sakte toh humse samjh lein aur fir padhein. Hum aapki musaeada mein hazir hain, jo bhi zarurat ho, turant hum tak pahuchahyein!

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