Dua And Wazifa To Get Rid Of Enemy- Amal To Destroy Enemy
 Dua And Wazifa To Get Rid Of Enemy- Amal To Destroy Enemy
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 Dua To Get Rid Of Enemy 

The wazifa to get rid of enemy is given below –

  • Read Surah Lahab 1000 times for at least a period of 10 days.
  • Do not read Durood Shareef, Bismillah or Salah while performing this wazifa.
  • After completing Surah Lahab recite this dua instantly “Alla Humma Inna Nuja Luka Fee Nuh Oorihim Wa Nu Odhu Bika Min Shuroo Rihim”.
  • You will see that within 10 days, you will get rid of your enemy, In sha Allah!

In case the wazifa doesn’t give you desired results in 10 days, seek help from an astrologer. In today’s world, almost everyone has one or more enemies. While some enemies prove to be harmless, others are quite dangerous. Yes, some of the enemies are so threatening that they may even plan to kill you or harm your family members. Well, you need to be cautious about such people and thus, it is important to keep yourself protected. You should recite the dua to get rid of enemy. The dua will help you secure yourself and your family from the vicious attacks of your enemy and stay unharmed.

Wazifa To Get Rid Of Enemy 

When you recite the wazifa to get rid of enemy, it secures you and provides you safety membrane around you. By the grace of Allah (Subhan wa taalah) you gradually get rid of your enemy. You destroy your enemy and secure yourself from his harmful deeds. The wazifa is very effective and provides desired results in just a few days. Once the procedure is done, you no longer have to be scared with your enemy. It works as a perfect safety belt for you and your family. In sha Allah, your enemy will be helpless in front of you and you will eventually get rid of him/ her.

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Amal To Destroy Enemy

Amal To Destroy Enemy

For those people who literally have no idea about how to get rid of their enemies, they should speak to the astrologer. The Islamic specialist will provide you 100% guidance in practicing the amal to destroy enemy. When you perform the amal as directed by the astrologer, it will yield 100% results. So, you do not have to worry. You will be provided complete advice on this matter. Just explain your case to the astrologer to seek full guidance.

The amal will fulfill your desire to annihilate your enemy. It will help you get rid of his name, sign or even appearance from your life. You will no longer get influenced by him/ her in any way. So isn’t it the right way to end your enmity. Do not feel depressed. Once the wazifa is performed successfully, you will no longer be affected by any of their malicious deeds.

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So, just speak to the astrologer about it and get personalized assistance on your matter. There is nothing which cannot be solved via rohaniilaj. Be it the destruction of your enemy or seeking revenge, everything is possible in Quran and Hadith. So, just speak your heart out about it and get desired wazifa for your matter. In sha Allah, you will be successful in your attempt.

"Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh" (May the peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be with you)!

NOTE:- 1)    The above given wazifa can only work under following circumstances – You need to perform the Amal and wazifa will belief on the greatest – Allah Subhan Wa Taalah. The verses, wazaif and duas mentioned in Quran Shareef are recited with the authentic pronunciations. You must fulfill all the Arabic rules of reading the Islamic scriptures. Note - If you can’t read the given Quranic ayats with correct pronunciation, then it’s best to learn it first from us and then use it. We are here to help you, kindly share your needs with us!

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NOTE:- 2)    Upar diya gaya wazifa sirf niche di gayi surton mein hi mukammal hoga – Apko batayein gayein amal aur wazifa ko nafadh karne ke liye Allah Subhan Waa Taalah pe mukammal aitbaar hona chahiye. Ayatein, wazaif aur duayein jo ki Quran mein di gayi hai unko sih alnataq ke sath padhna zaruri hai. Apko alkitab al'iislamii ko padhne kesare Arabi qawaneen mukammal karna zaruri hai.

NOTE:- 3)    Agar Aap Quran ki ayatein sih alnataq ke sath nahi padh sakte toh humse samjh lein aur fir padhein. Hum aapki musaeada mein hazir hain, jo bhi zarurat ho, turant hum tak pahuchahyein!

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One thought on “ Dua And Wazifa To Get Rid Of Enemy- Amal To Destroy Enemy”

  1. Dear Brother,
    Grace of Allah, I hope you are healthy overall.
    I hit hard by the enemy more than 20 years. One after another without the loss is. Many years have tried so many different ways. Many spent the money and I have a lot of Amal practice, But Can not get rid of their hands in any way. From a handful of them, such things can not be free.
    At present, due to lack of money to the family are living miserable lives.
    So, Please help me for Allah’s sake.
    Please teach me to a Strong but Easy Amal practice, I can be free from them completely and so they ended (completely finish) up with.
    At present, two hard enemy:-
    (1) Md. Aminul Islam Lavlu, Father- Late Hedayet Ullah Company, Mother- Late Julekha Begum, Address:- Natun Bazar, Chandpur Sadar, Chandpur District, Bangladesh. (This enemy from 20 years up, he is my friend) (2) Md. Nazrul Islam Mizi, Father- Md. Mizan Mizi, Mother- Don’t know, Address:- Bishnodi Road, Bank Colony, Chandpur Sadar, Chandpur District, Bangladesh. (This enemy from 3 years, he shop near my shop). There are 5 other enemies (Checked all the enemy).
    Allah Haphej.
    Md. Rashidul Alam Khan (Shopon), Father- Late Shah Alam Khan, Mother- Rowshon Aara Begum, Address:- Taltola, Bokaul Bari Road, Chandpur Sadar, Chandpur District, Bangladesh.

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